EZ BLOCKS is the new revolutionary way to build EZ, FAST and RELIABLE structures in no time!

Besides the inherent characteristics of gypsum products, such as fire protection, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and hygrometric regulation, the industrial manufacturing process of EZ BLOCKS ensures its dimensional stability, precision in angles and fitting, fast and easy handling and the achievement of a perfectly clean and smooth wall surface. These attributes make the work implementation easier in civil construction, improving the safety and comfort of buildings, whether new or remodeled.

These characteristics and careful handling during installation, makes it possible to build perfectly rectilinear and vertical walls and partitions. Furthermore, the fact that the block faces are flawlessly smooth, allows for the completion of perfectly flat and even surfaces, which after 1 day of drying time, can receive any type of treatment, such as tiling, wallpapering, painting, etc.

This manual was compiled to serve as an assisting tool to workers who would wish to specialize in the profession or as a reference source.

Among the covered topics, the procedures are organized and ordered in a way that would ease the implementation of wall partition made with EZ BLOCK.

Why use ez-blocks?

The perfect solution for divisions of homes & offices.
•Easy to work with
•Cost effective
•No need to plastering.
•No studs required
•Finish your projects on time & under budget.
•Weather resistant
•Indoor & Out door applications
•Reduce energy cost
•Fire proof

Use it for more applications such as:
•Custom bars
•Bathroom counters and cabinets
•Closets & walk-in closest
•Kitchen cabinets and counter tops.
•Barbeque pit.
•Think it and it is possible!

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